Most Common Eating Disorders


An eating disorder is both a physical and psychological problem that causes a person to develop unhealthy eating habits. There are several types of eating disorders, some of which require inpatient psychiatric treatment harahan to resolve. However, there is help available for anyone battling an eating disorder. Some of the most common eating disorders include:


Pica is an eating disorder that causes a person to eat non-food items. Laundry detergent, dirt, hair, paper, soap, and ice are among the list of items that a person suffering from Pica will eat. People who suffer from Pica are at an increased risk of developing bacterial infections and diseases. It is especially important to seek treatment if you or a loved one suffers from this condition.


Anorexia is one of the most common eating disorders. This disorder causes the sufferer to think they’re overweight even when they’re small or average weight. People with anorexia often times restrict the foods they’ll eat and have a distorted body image. More women suffer from anorexia than men.

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Bulimia is another common eating disorder. People affected by this disorder eat large amounts of food at once and then throw up the food later. They cannot control the amount of food they eat and will eat until they feel sick. This condition usually develops during adolescence and like anorexia, affects women more often than men.

Binge Eating Disorder

Binge Eating Disorder is one of the most common eating disorders around. People with this disorder have symptoms similar to those of a person suffering from bulimia. It also affects more females than males and develops during adolescence.

This is not a complete list of eating disorders, but is among the most common. If you have a problem with an eating disorder, help is available. Seek treatment and understand that you are not alone.

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