Finding the Right Support Coordinator


Individuals with disabilities are able to choose their providers and get any support that is needed under the NDIS, or National Disability Insurance Scheme. Not many people are familiar with the process of finding providers of support, managing numerous appointments, and keeping providers up to date with treatments and progress. If not, then support coordination can help.

Tiers of Support Coordination

Support coronation provides patients with the assistance needed to ensure that you are getting the right services and effectively keeping up with providers. Support coordination agencies nj residents work with provide different tiers of support. The tier you need will depend on the amount of assistance desired.

·    Support connection: A form of assistance for short-term help with sourcing providers, though you will need to coordinate support and choose providers on your own.

·    Coordination of supports: Longer-term assistance that provides coordination of support and connect you with providers.

·    Specialist support coordination: This form of support coordination is typically ideal for individuals in complex situations.

Characteristics of Good Support Coordinators

Support coordination agencies nj

When it comes to the professional handling your support coordination, it’s important to determine if the individual is right for you. Some of the characteristics you should look for in a support coordinator include objectivity, partnership, focus on outcomes, and experience.

·    Objectivity: Support coordinators should be objective, so avoid coordinators that only recommend their own services.

·    Partnership: Individuals should have a rapport with their support coordinator, fostering a good relationship and trust.

·    Outcome-focused: Support coordinators should focus on your plan to achieve goals that are outlined on your plan to increase independence and gain new skills.

·    Experienced: Coordinators working with you should have extensive knowledge of your specific condition or disability, ensuring that your needs are met.

It’s important to know what kind of help you need when looking for a support coordinator, so speak with a professional about your condition to make sure that you get the proper care.

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